Mr. Michael Hutton

Location: East Greenwhich, RI, USA
Phone: +1 (401) 486-9433

Michael HuttonWith a thorough technical and business development experience from AWI and , for the past 10 years, GTech Corporation, Mr. Hutton brings with him valuable know-how in the field of On-line and Internet systems. Most recently, Mr. Hutton worked for GTech Corporation in various senior technical positions, including a position as the company’s Director, Software Architecture and Director, Software Communications. Previously, Mr. Hutton spent 8 years at Automated Wagering International, developing Lottery technology.

Among Mr. Hutton’s areas of expertise are:

  • Internet based wagering systems
  • E-Commerce
  • On-line system development and implementation
  • Communication networks

In the course of his responsibilities at GTech, Mr. Hutton has been involved in installations in the US as well as Europe and Asia. Some examples of where Mr. Hutton has been active are:

  • Florida Lottery
  • OY Veikkaus AB
  • Dansk Tipstjanst AB
  • Lotteria Nationale (Spain)
  • Texas Lottery
  • California Lottery
  • UK National Lottery

“New technologies, including broadband and wireless communication, have or will become very important to lotteries and other gaming operators world wide. We ensure that each client is given the opportunity to use whatever technology suits his application the best.”

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