Dr. Larry Montgomery

Email: Larry@qlot.com
Location: Topeka, Kansas, USA
Phone: +1 (785) 224-7052

Larry MontgomeryDr. Montgomery is very familiar with the regulatory process and environment of lotteries across the world. He is an expert in legislative policy, the format and content of laws, the formation of regulatory bodies, rules for the conduct of regulatory bodies, social and government policy regarding lotteries, policies and procedures, regulation and enforcement. Dr. Montgomery has been an innovator in identifying and designing new games utilizing currently available technology within legal, marketplace and policy environments. Dr. Montgomery holds a Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) from the prestigious George Washington University in Washington D.C. He has served his Government in the FBI and U.S. Department of State in both Foreign Affairs and Trade Development.

Dr. Montgomery is a highly respected public speaker and will assist, when requested, in making expert presentations to parties interested in this process. He will be supporting on the assessment of changes in legislative policies or market environment as well as in the evaluation of bids.

As a former lottery director, Dr. Montgomery has the hands-on knowledge of not only the workings of lotteries, but also the government interests and concerns around lotteries and how other world governments have chosen to structure their activities. Dr. Montgomery can bring creative solutions to the surface and is a skilled negotiator.

Dr. Montgomery is very familiar with government processes including procurement issues. He has drafted recommendations on the regulatory arrangements to be established for off-line and online management operators including directions to be issued by the government, as well as make comments and recommendations on the regulatory arrangements.

Dr. Montgomery is a consummate professional capable of serving any lottery project in many capacities.

“Over the years, we have come to see, learn and experience great many things within our industry. It gives a true satisfaction to be able to share that experience with industry peers, be it in the form of clients or colleagues.”

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