Mr. Ales Kulich, President

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 777 729 777

Aleš KulichMr. Kulich established QLot Consulting in response to the increasing demand from the lottery industry for a qualified consulting organization. For 6 years, Mr. Kulich was responsible for a large number of sales and implementation projects of On-line systems in Europe and North & South America on behalf of EssNet AB. In his active involvement in numerous world wide lottery operations, Mr. Kulich has acquired a genuine understanding of the issues facing a lottery, both in start-up projects as well as day-to-day operations.

Procurement, marketing and sales, agent networks, on-line systems and gaming product development are some of the areas in which Mr. Kulich is proficient. Prior to his joining EssNet AB, Mr. Kulich held a position as Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco, being responsible for industry specific marketing of the company’s agents and sister companies throughout the world.

“To successfully establish a lottery or increase an existing lottery’s bottom line is immensely gratifying: The client’s success is our success.”

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