Principal Consultants

Aleš KulichMr. Ales Kulich, President >>
“To successfully establish a lottery or increase an existing lottery’s bottom line is immensely gratifying: The client’s success is our success.”

Tony SteineggerMr. Tony Steinegger, Principal Consultant >>
“The complexity involved in creating and setting-up an on-line gaming operation with its legal environment, systems and technology is mindboggling. With the investments necessary to achieve a satisfying result, excellent knowledge of the related processes is critical. Our know-how ensures that result for our clients.”

Larry MontgomeryDr. Larry Montgomery, Principal Consultant >>
“Identifying how to increase revenues and control costs is critical for the growth of every lottery. As a former lottery CEO, corporate CEO and attorney, Dr. Montgomery brings QLot’s clients a results oriented view of managment processes, legilsation, regulation, marketing and product diversity to help achieve the client’s objectives. ”

Chris MoumourisMr. Chris Moumouris, Principal Consultant >>
“Chris Moumouris is an international lottery, gaming and gambling industry expert, with over eighteen years of experience, a proven, outstanding international track record and a strong all round understanding of all aspects of the business.”

Jaap StavastMr. Jaap Stavast, Principal Consultant >>
“Putting my many years of lottery experience to good use makes me happy. We help customers making maximum use of their resources and avoid pitfalls and mistakes already made by others. But a lottery project is not just about avoiding mistakes. It is also about making the right choices, good choices, to create a highly successful project. And that is what I and my QLot colleagues pride ourselves on.”

Michael HuttonMr. Michael Hutton, Principal Consultant >>
“New technologies, including broadband and wireless communication, have or will become very important to lotteries and other gaming operators world wide. We ensure that each client is given the opportunity to use whatever technology suits his application the best.”