QLot Company Profile

QLot Consulting AB is a Swedish corporation with offices in Europe and in North America. The Group was established in 1998 and consists of Principal Consultants having thorough hands-on experience of all aspects of a lottery’s business. QLot provides its international clients, primarily lotteries and governments, with independent lottery consulting in all regulatory, technical and commercial areas, also where computerized systems and/or agent networks are used.

World Wide Service

QLot serves the international market place; as such, clients benefit from our extensive global lottery experience. To mention but a few examples, QLot’s Principal Consultants have served clients in countries as diverse as Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Morocco, Guinea, Turkey, Mauritius, Israel, Greece, South Africa, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia and Australia.


All of QLot’s Principal Consultants have prior working experience with various lotteries and/or lottery suppliers. This enables QLot to provide its clients, whether lotteries, governments or suppliers, with well-informed, unbiased and independent consulting and support services.

QLOT’s Customers

QLot’s primary focus is within the lottery industry. Established organizations, governments as well as start-up businesses can benefit from QLot’s thorough knowledge of all lottery related issues. Of course, QLot’s commercial and technical experience of business supported by agent networks and on-line systems is applicable to other industries as well. The appreciation and need for qualified consulting and support is shared among our clients:

  • Lotteries
  • Lottery suppliers
  • Governments
  • Investors
  • Other On-line system or sales network users such as banks, retail chains, etc.